• What are the ranging methods of LiDAR?

    With the development of artificial intelligence, auto-driving cars are no longer an imaginary scene. Do you know how cars can see the surrounding environment and realize autonomous driving? This has to mention the “eyes” of the robot’s three-dimensional imaging LiDAR. LiDAR, as its name suggests, is an active detection remote sensing device that uses lasers […]

  • 3D HD Video LiDAR Project of Neuvition Won the Champion in 2021 Create@ Alibaba Cloud “5G+IoT Track” Global Grand Final

    Excited to officially announce that Neuvition 3D HD video LiDAR project was listed as a finalist along with 19 technological innovation projects and finally won the champion from around the world in 2021 Create@ Alibaba Cloud “5G+IoT Track” Global Grand Final.

  • LiDAR-based Train Detection System

    Neuvition LiDAR-based Train Detection System is a solution for train compartment number recognition and unbalanced loading detection.

  • What are the advantages of LiDAR?

    Compared with ordinary microwave radar, LiDAR has a series of unique advantages. The advantages of LiDAR are introduced below.    1. High resolution    LiDAR has extremely high angle, distance and speed resolution. First of all, the angular resolution is high. Due to the short working wavelength, a very high resolution can be obtained with a small optical […]

  • LiDAR-based Crane Anti-collision System

    Neuvition LiDAR-based Crane Anti-collision System is a LiDAR-based real-time crane detection system independently developed by Neuvition. The system is used to track the changes in the crane’s cargo attitude and real-time range of surrounding obstacles in the process of loading and unloading containers and bulk cargo, to ensure the crane is safe running during the daily work.

  • The important use of lidar-military use

    Lidar is a radar system that emits light beams to detect the position and speed of the target. It is equivalent to our eyes, with powerful and complex information perception and processing capabilities. Excited light radar has been widely used in aircraft obstacle avoidance, reconnaissance imaging, missile guidance and other fields many years ago, and […]

  • How important is LiDAR for autonomous driving? It’s time to understand

    Inventory of cutting-edge technology, autonomous driving undoubtedly occupies a place. Especially since 2020, the two major favorable blessings from the policy level are expected to start a new round of take-off for the entire industry chain of autonomous driving. The new infrastructure has contributed to the advancement of autonomous driving. Since March, new infrastructure is […]

  • Neuvition LiDAR-based Smart Express Lane System

    This article will briefly introduce Neuvition LiDAR-based Smart Express Lane System, which relies on LiDAR sensors, wireless communication, and a new generation of Internet technology to achieve 24h traffic surveillance. Integrate with central monitor system to process effective traffic coordination, ensure traffic safety, improve traffic efficiency, and form a safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly road traffic […]

  • In Addition to Autonomous Driving, Where can LiDAR be Applied?

    In recent years, with the development of smart cars and mobile robots, LiDAR as an “eye” has also made great progress. However, the use of LiDAR is not limited to smart cars and mobile robots. There are more application scenarios to be explored. In this article, high-tech robots will classify and summarize the specific applications of LiDAR. […]

  • LiDAR Applications in Downstream Industries

    LiDAR applications have a wide range of downstream industries such as autonomous driving, V2X, service robots, etc.