• Automotive LiDAR’s Role in Autonomous Driving

    With the development of automation technology and smart cities, autonomous driving becomes increasingly known by the public. In near future, it is a tendency to build an intelligent network in which autonomous driving plays an important role. Challenges in autonomous driving However, autonomous driving is now in the stage of L2 ADAS or below. There are still […]

  • Neuvition Brings New Single Line Members to the Solid-state LiDAR Series

    DUBLIN, Calif. December 10, 2020 — Neuvition, Inc. officially releases two new LiDAR models to the current Titan M1 series: Titan M1-SL and Titan M1-R-SL. They are single line LiDARs derived from Titan M1 multi-line high-resolution LiDAR and they are more suitable for specific applications. Compared with the mature two-dimensional single line LiDAR on the market, the Titan SL series from Neuvition are high-speed […]

  • Lidar Sensor Suppliers

    LiDAR sensors are a key technology of the future for process automation or highly automated, fully automated and autonomous driving. In conjunction with cameras and radar sensors, they perceive the surroundings, help with orientation, detect obstacles, measure distances – and thus ensure greater safety and efficiency on busy roads and in automated industrial environments. Applications […]

  • Neuvition Releases the World’s First Solid-state LiDAR Integrated with a Touch Screen

    DUBLIN, Calif. December 2, 2020 — Neuvition, Inc., a high-tech company focused on the development of solid-state HD video LiDAR sensors supporting software and cloud services, announces to release a newly developed all-in-one complete solid-state LiDAR. Just like the iPhone has revolutionized the mobile phone by combining a phone, an iPod, and a browser into […]

  • How Will Smart Street Light Change Our Life?

    The smart light pole integrates smart lighting, traffic management, weather station, video surveillance, information interaction and so on.

  • Velodyne IPO and the potential effect on the LiDAR industry

    The Velodyne IPO is very important for the whole LiDAR industry since it is the first IPO of its kind. It will give some indication of the health of the industry. congratulation to Velodyne’s team.

  • Comparison of Different 3D Scanning Sensors

    Choosing the right 3D scanning sensor is the premise of data collection. Thus, it is important to know differences of various 3D scanning sensors.

  • Raspberry Pi software makes Neuvition LiDAR more innovative

    “Processing LiDAR data on a low-cost platform is a very valuable thing.The Raspberry Pi 4b platform has a large amount of software and open source code, which provides us with many opportunities for development and innovation. Experiments have proved that our lidar has great performance on the Pi platform” Gavin said at the R&D conference.

  • UAV and Lidar are a natural pair from Australia’s fire

    Introduction: Starting in Australia in July 2019, it spread swept into 2020, when smoke billowed, visibility in the human eye was extremely low, search and rescue efforts were difficult, and although Australia’s firefighting system was world-class, it could not withstand global warming and dramatic climate change. UAV for fire and disaster relief is not the […]

  • How smart LiDAR improves surveillance technology?

    LiDAR, a surveying method that measures distance to a target, is the new heartthrob of the remote sensing world, in smart cities, surveillance, autonomous vehicles, robotics and other applications. How it works? The LiDAR device combines the sensor with a powerful micro-computer in a single package it can process the information directly at the ‘edge’ and highlight only […]