The safe operation of rail traffic is inseparable from safe driving of rail trains and daily maintenance, safe operation of rail subgrade. The layout integrating LiDAR with rail subgrade and rail train will play an important role in the highly automated operation of rail traffic in the future. This layout will detect smaller target obstacles, can prevent foreign objects along the railway from causing harm to the safe operation of trains, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of rail transportation and reduce safety risks.

With a resolution of up to 700 lines and an angular resolution of 0.01°, Neuvition LiDAR can effectively detect 600 meters, and meet the needs of faster measurement speed and higher measurement accuracy (up to ±2cm). Neuvition LiDAR uses a 1550nm laser which is a safe waveband for human eyes, can penetrate dense fog and dust, and adapt to harsh work environments. It meets the railway department’s requirements for vibration, radiation interference, different environmental temperatures, and humidity, and electromagnetic compatibility, etc.

Neuvition LiDAR Application in the Rail Subgrade

Rail Overhead Lines Inspection

As the main frame of the railway electrification engineering, an overhead line is a special form of power transmission line that is erected along the railway line to supply power to electric locomotives. Once the overhead line is abnormal, it may lead to a slight result such as train suspension, or it may cause a serious problem in the normal operation of the entire railway. To ensure the normal operation of the overhead lines, it is necessary to regularly inspect the height and alignment value of the overhead lines, to discover the hidden failures, and to avoid the hidden danger of the line. Neuvition LiDAR can meet the requirement for long-distance and high-precision detection and is capable to output the height and alignment value in real time.

Rail Foreign Object Intrusion Detection

Foreign Object Intrusion refers to any target object that appears within the range limit of the safe operation of rail traffic and exceeds the safety range of its allowable overall dimensions, which further affects the normal operation of trains on this section of the road. In common rail traffic operation accidents, 25% of train derailments result from foreign object intrusion. Neuvition LiDAR Rail Traffic Detection Solution can judge whether there is a foreign object intrusion based on the given algorithm and real-time, high-density LiDAR point cloud data, to provide an early warning so that the rail department staff can take preventive measures.

Recognition and Detection of Track Fasteners

To ensure the safe and high-speed driving of trains, the prerequisite is to guarantee the accuracy and stability of the rail line type, which requires correct design, scientific installation, and future maintenance of the track fasteners. Track fasteners include spring rods, rail spikes, track gauge stoppers, insulating stop pieces, rail pads, rail tie plates, resilient tie pads, and other devices. Neuvition high-precision LiDAR supports real-time recognition and detection of track fasteners. Combined with a robot system, it can accurately locate the position of the fasteners, to check whether they fall off or not, to ensure rail safety.

Neuvition LiDAR Application in Rail Train

Neuvition LiDAR Application in Rail Train

Foreign Object Intrusion Detection during Train Running

Neuvition LiDAR can be mounted in front of medium-low speed trains such as trains, subways, etc. With a high resolution and an ultra-long detection range, it can monitor foreign matters ahead in real time during train running, and escort train running safely. Aided by the precise perception of LiDAR and leading recognition algorithms, timely warning of foreign object intrusion is provided, and the accurate 3D map of the road ahead can be quickly constructed to timely determine the environmental condition required for the rail running, etc., to greatly increase the safety of train operation.

Foreign Object Detection of Train Screen Doors

Nowadays, it is frequent to see passengers or their bags, clothes caught in subway stations, which poses greater potential safety hazards and accident risks. Through the analysis of the space between the train door and the screen door, Neuvition LiDAR is superior in sensing performance as the detection instrument to quickly detect whether there are any foreign objects between the train door and the screen door in real time. LiDAR is better than other sensors in terms of performance on anti-interference, accuracy, and reliability, and it can effectively ensure the safety of passengers.

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