• Innovative Aircraft Docking Solution

    View the customer field test point cloud to learn more about how the Neuvition LiDAR-based aircraft docking solution aids in aircraft visual docking guidance.

  • LiDAR Remote Sensing Technology for Animal Protection

    To ensure current and long-term sustainable development, we should therefore implement effective measures to protect wildlife and natural resources. LiDAR remote sensing technology is an innovative and effective way to protect animals.

  • Smart City Growth Needs LiDAR

    The objective of a “smart city” is to achieve smart management, smart operation, and smart services through comprehensive transportation technology, using big data and “smart” technology, to achieve effective resource allocation for the city and realize prosperity and convenience for the populace.

  • How Crucial Is LiDAR For Tunnel Detection?

    The importance of tunnel detection: tunnel detection is a crucial and challenging task. In addition to ensuring the safety of tunnel construction and operation, it can check whether environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and wind speed inside the tunnel can meet safety standards.

  • Volume Measurement Based On Neuvition LiDAR

    Neuvition LiDAR solution for volume measurement is designed to help enterprises achieve real and accurate measurement results.

  • Hesai – China’s First LiDAR Stock

    There is now a LiDAR stock in China! On February 9, 2023, Hesai Technology made a striking entrance on the NASDAQ. Hesai Technology had a market value of US$2.6 billion on its first day of listing, rising by 25% at the opening and more than 10% at the closing. Hesai Technology’s successful listing is seen as an indication of continuing market recovery in the issue of new shares of Chinese Concept Stocks in the United States.

  • 4D Imaging Radar Will Replace LiDAR?

    Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua said they only want 4D radars except for the front LiDAR by 2025 in his CES speech, which grabs industry insiders’ attention to the 4D millimeter-wave radar. Some industry experts even guess that 4D imaging radar will replace LiDAR in near future.

  • LiDAR Misidentification, How to Handle?

    there is a fatal problem that is LiDAR misidentification happens in the environment such as rain, fog, dust, etc. How to handle this fatal problem?

  • Prospect of Chinese LiDAR Companies

    While western LiDAR companies have declared bankruptcy, delisted, and merged to save themselves, Chinese LiDAR companies have not only achieved mass production of semi-solid-state LiDAR but also are trying a lot of innovations on LiDAR production.

  • Argo AI, is Shut Down

    On October 27, 2022, the L4 autonomous driving company Argo AI, which was backed by the two major car manufacturers of Ford and Volkswagen, closed down.