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Raspberry Pi software makes Neuvition LiDAR more innovative

“Processing LiDAR data on a low-cost platform is a very valuable thing.The Raspberry Pi 4b platform has a large amount of software and open source code, which provides us with many opportunities for development and innovation. Experiments have proved that our lidar has great performance on the Pi platform” Gavin said at the R&D conference.

UAV and Lidar are a natural pair from Australia’s fire

Introduction: Starting in Australia in July 2019, it spread swept into 2020, when smoke billowed, visibility in the human eye was extremely low, search and rescue efforts were difficult, and although Australia’s firefighting system was world-class, it could not withstand global warming and dramatic climate change. UAV for fire and disaster relief is not the

How smart LiDAR improves surveillance technology?

LiDAR, a surveying method that measures distance to a target, is the new heartthrob of the remote sensing world, in smart cities, surveillance, autonomous vehicles, robotics and other applications. How it works? The LiDAR device combines the sensor with a powerful micro-computer in a single package it can process the information directly at the ‘edge’ and highlight only

Advantages of high resolution LiDAR in Security

With the rapid development of the security field, the security system is more and more integrated, multi-functional, intelligent direction, the traditional single camera mode has been unable to meet the security environment for more and more complex, diversified, multi-functional requirements. The addition of LiDAR provides new solutions and new functional additions for security integrators and

Progress Updates about LiDAR Industry Players in 2018

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) has been one of the technology focuses in the past two years as it is a key technology for autonomous vehicles and many other applications. According to “2018 Infrared Sensing Application Market Report” by LEDinside, the market value of LiDAR laser is expected to reach US$ 154 million in 2020.

The Core Autonomous Technology — Solid State LiDAR

On the morning of June 1, 2020, a Tesla model3 autonomous driving crashed into a overturned truck on national highway 1 in Taiwan, China. According to a preliminary investigation by the highway police department, Mr. Huang, the Tesla driver, said his Model 3 was on autopilot and traveling at about 110 kilometers per hour at the time of the crash……