• Advantages of high resolution LiDAR in Security

    With the rapid development of the security field, the security system is more and more integrated, multi-functional, intelligent direction, the traditional single camera mode has been unable to meet the security environment for more and more complex, diversified, multi-functional requirements. The addition of LiDAR provides new solutions and new functional additions for security integrators and […]

  • Progress Updates about LiDAR Industry Players in 2018

    LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) has been one of the technology focuses in the past two years as it is a key technology for autonomous vehicles and many other applications. According to “2018 Infrared Sensing Application Market Report” by LEDinside, the market value of LiDAR laser is expected to reach US$ 154 million in 2020.

  • Neuvition introduces HD Video LiDAR for autonomous driving and 3D imaging

    US: Neuvition has announced the first version of its 480 lines HD video LiDAR, Titan M1. The semi-solid state LiDAR has a resolution of 480 vertical lines and 1280 pixels max for each line (resolution of 1280 x 480). It is one of the highest resolution LiDARs on the commercial market……

  • The Core Autonomous Technology — Solid State LiDAR

    On the morning of June 1, 2020, a Tesla model3 autonomous driving crashed into a overturned truck on national highway 1 in Taiwan, China. According to a preliminary investigation by the highway police department, Mr. Huang, the Tesla driver, said his Model 3 was on autopilot and traveling at about 110 kilometers per hour at the time of the crash……