• One Minute to Understand LiDAR

    LiDAR Introduction LiDAR is a remote sensing technology. LiDAR technology uses the pulse from a laser to collect measurements. These are used to create 3D models and maps of objects and environments. What Is LiDAR Technology? LiDAR technology is usually used to examine the surface of the earth, assess information about the ground surface, create a […]

  • Automated Driving and LiDAR: 10 Important Events in 2021

    This article is to conclude 10 important events about autonomous driving and LiDAR. Autonomous driving has explored different model prototypes on the path of commercialization in 2021.

  • Low-speed Unmanned Driving based on Solid-state LiDAR

    The rapid development of low-speed unmanned driving is inseparable from the support of LiDAR technology. So, does solid-state LiDAR really have the ability to move towards mass application in the scenarios of low-speed unmanned driving?

  • What are LiDAR self-driving cars?

    LiDAR, typically used as an acronym for “light detection and ranging”, is essentially a sonar that uses pulsed laser waves to map the distance to surrounding objects. It is used by a large number of autonomous vehicles to navigate environments in real time. Its advantages include impressively accurate depth perception, which allows LiDAR to know […]

  • What are the applications of LiDAR (二)

    In the previous article, we have introduced the importance and advantages of LiDAR to us, so we won’t talk about it, and we will go directly to the topic. In addition to the above fields, there are actually many areas where LiDAR can be used, such as: VR/AR, Smart transportation, ocean exploration and fishery resource […]

  • Flash LiDAR

    Flash LiDAR is a laser-based 3D imaging system in which a large area is illuminated by each laser pulse and a focal plane array (FPA) is used to simultaneously detect light from thousands of adjacent directions. Mapping and 2-D/3-D imaging are examples of applications for such systems.

  • LiDAR Sensor System Application

    The use of LiDAR sensor systems is not limited to smart cars and mobile robots. There are more application scenarios to be explored. A large number of mature cases in many industrial and service scenarios are based on LiDAR sensor systems. Under the huge application demand and open market environment, the trend of intelligent development is becoming more and more obvious. Let’s have a look at a few actual use cases of LiDAR sensor systems.

  • What are the applications of LiDAR (I)

    Radar is no stranger to many people, but LiDAR may not be heard much. In recent years, with the exposure of unmanned driving technologies such as Google and Tesla, LiDAR has also received widespread attention. LiDAR, namely light detection and measurement, is a system that integrates three technologies: laser, global positioning system (GPS), and inertial navigation […]

  • Robotaxi Starts Working in Beijing

    Baidu Apollo Go robotaxi marks a further step in its accelerating progress towards large-scale commercial operation with the service’s first-ever commercial deployment on open roads.

  • AI-powered LiDAR

    AI-powered LiDAR helps us save time and enables us to develop high-precision and up-to-date 3D environment models. AI-powered LiDAR is being widely used in a lot of industries, especially in autonomous driving, security, agriculture, etc.