• Connected Vehicles Perception System

    Connected vehicles collective perception system Last week, Siemens and Bosch jointly released a new and fully integrated connected vehicles collective perception system, which can directly connect roadside smart cameras and dual-mode roadside units (RSU) to transmit traffic and road information to connected vehicles. This new integrated system has undergone many trials at the American Center for Mobility and in the […]

  • LiDAR Technology

    LiDAR technology (LiDAR) is a brand-new remote sensing technology. Because of its high precision and efficiency, it has been rapidly developed in topographic surveying and mapping. There are currently nearly 20 sets of LiDAR systems in China. LiDAR Airborne LiDAR is a technology that actively conducts three-dimensional direct observation and measurement of the ground, so […]

  • LiDAR Technology is the Future of Autonomous Driving?

    LiDAR is the future of autonomous driving? Recently, LiDAR technology and autonomous driving have undoubtedly become hot topics in the technology circle and the automotive circle. Google, Apple, Tesla, and others have invested in the field of autonomous driving. In China, technology giant Baidu has also studied autonomous driving technology for many years and has […]

  • Application of LiDAR in Autonomous Vehicles

    Neuvition has been developing solid-state HD video LiDAR sensors, which are mainly used in the fields of autonomous driving, ADAS, security, machine vision, 3D imaging, and drones. Neuvition’s key technologies include the world’s leading high-definition solid-state MEMS LiDAR, LiDAR data processing algorithms and software, AI and machine learning in LiDAR, and other LiDAR-based software solutions. Automatic Driving […]

  • Insight on LiDAR Industry Chain

    LiDAR is a sensor that uses lasers to achieve precise ranging. In a broad sense, it can be regarded as a camera with 3D depth information and is known as the “eyes of a robot”. Since its birth, the LiDAR industry has been closely keeping in step with the cutting-edge development of underlying devices and […]

  • Understand Sensors – Automotive LIDAR

    According to reports, the competition between LIDAR and other sensor technologies (camera, radar, and ultrasonic) has increased the demand for sensor fusion, and also requires careful selection of photodetectors, light sources, and MEMS micromirrors. LIDAR and other sensor technologies With the advancement of sensor technology, imaging technology, radar, LIDAR, electronic equipment and artificial intelligence technology, dozens […]

  • What Autonomous Vehicle Sensors do Driverless Cars Use?

    Without human operating, driverless vehicles perceive the environment through autonomous vehicle sensors, which are like the eyes of a vehicle. Collecting basic information about the surrounding environment through the environmental perception of sensors is the basis of autonomous driving. There are many types of autonomous vehicle sensors, such as cameras, millimeter-wave radars, and LiDARs. Camera: Camera can […]

  • How many types of LiDAR?

    LIDAR is mainly divided into: mechanical LiDAR, solid-state LiDAR, MEMS LiDAR, Flash area array LiDAR, OPA solid-state LiDAR, hybrid solid-state LIDAR…How much do you know about so many kinds of LIDAR? LiDAR LiDAR is a radar system that detects the position and velocity of a target by emitting laser beams. The laser band is located at 0.5μm-10μm, […]

  • What are the applications of LIDAR sensing technology

    According to the survey, most companies currently focus on the field of unmanned vehicles, robots, and unmanned vehicle LIDAR as their main research directions. The traditional mechanical LIDAR has gradually changed to solid state LIDAR. In the future, solid-state, small, low-cost LIDAR will be the focus of all enterprises. solid state LIDAR applications  With the in-depth study of LIDAR technology by […]

  • Solid State Lidar (Neuvition): a quick look at precision

    Point Clouds come with all sorts of shape and form, each with distinct pros and cons. Over the years I have used point clouds from camera (SFM, photogrammetry), super dense and noisy, from medical device, with nice volumetric quality, and of course from Lidar. Now even Lidar points clouds can be very different depending on […]