• Which LiDAR Sensing Technology is the Most Popular Route?

    Neuvition high-resolution solid-state LiDAR, a worldwide pioneer of solid-state LiDAR, and the first professional manufacturer of solid-state high-resolution LiDAR based on the MEMS+1550m technology route.

  • Sensors in Self-driving Car Environment Perception

    Self-driving cars rely on artificial intelligence, visual computing, LiDAR, monitoring devices, and global positioning systems to cooperate, so that computers can operate motor vehicles automatically and safely without human active operation. It is mainly composed of environmental perception systems and positioning.

  • The importance of LiDAR in Autonomous Vehicle

    According to foreign media reports, a variety of cameras equipped with self-driving vehicles are designed to use the device to detect obstacles on the road and map the surrounding environment of the vehicle. Among all kinds of sensors, in terms of function, the LiDAR sensor is the closest to the human eye. Its light detection and […]

  • What Challenges Does LiDAR for Self-driving Vehicle Face?

    To achieve vehicle-level mass production, the most important thing is to design for manufacturability, reduce costs and improve performance. Although mechanical vehicle-mounted LiDAR is still in the mainstream of car application, solid-state LiDAR for self-driving vehicles meeting the concept of miniaturization and low cost has become increasingly popular in the industry. All kinds of self-driving […]

  • The Working Principle and Characteristics of LiDAR

    Today we will discuss the working principles and characteristics of LiDAR. LiDAR = laser transmitter + laser receiver + information processing system + servo control system + control display terminal. The working principle of LiDAR is to periodically drive the laser to emit laser pulses through the excitation source. The laser modulator controls the direction and number […]

  • Vehicle LiDAR is Standard Configuration for Self Driving?

    In the past, the camera + millimeter-wave radar technology represented by Tesla was more used in the autonomous driving field below L2. With the upgrading of global autonomous driving technology, the L3 level has become a watershed for car companies to use different autonomous driving technologies. Judging from the choices of many car companies, higher-precision […]

  • The Concept of Smart Transportation

    Intelligent transportation is based on intelligent transportation. It makes full use of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, Internet, artificial intelligence, automatic control, mobile Internet and other technologies in the transportation field. Travel, etc.; Control and support all aspects of the transportation field and the entire process of transportation construction management, so that the transportation […]

  • UAV LIDAR Sensor and its Application Analysis

    Only a few years ago, the drone detection system also required the cooperation of aircraft, large LIDAR sensors, and crew to complete the image capture. Through the airborne LIDAR sensor and complex software, the LIDAR images are quickly processed in the clouds to provide users with decision-making reference. With the rapid development of LIDAR sensors, this phenomenon has been […]

  • How to Make Subway Detection Efficient and Accurate?

    In recent years, the subway has not only facilitated citizens’ lives but also eased traffic congestion in major cities. Meanwhile, the following problem is that the pressure on passenger transportation has continued to increase. The huge passenger flow has also brought corresponding pressure to the station operating. It is frequent to see passengers or their […]

  • How Much Do You Know about Car LIDAR?

    Whether it is a vehicle-mounted or a ship-borne or even an airborne LIDAR, the principle is to load the vehicle with a three-dimensional laser scanner and a POS system. The purpose is to be able to build DTM models in a longer and farther range. The purpose of GPS application is to let the car […]