Airport Parking Guidance ADAS Solution

Solution Strengths

Effectively resists the interference of ambient light intensity, rain, snow, and haze weather to detection
To provide more real-time information about aircraft
To realize the functions of model matching, target tracking, precise positioning, and collision avoidance warning

Airport Parking Guidance ADAS Solution

Neuvition LiDAR Titan M1’s vertical 480 lines, horizontal FOV of 45°, 1550nm laser-based echo signal measurement technology collects front apron point cloud data. With an HD camera, combined with point cloud-video fusion algorithm, the system generates a 3D high-precision apron map, and the data map is generated through calibration to realize aircraft parking guidance. After the point cloud data detected by LiDAR is sent to the system host, through algorithms, the system calculates, analyzes, and stores the data for aircraft model identification, detection of remaining distance and approach speed.

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