Neuvition is a high-tech company focused on development of solid-state HD video LiDAR sensors, supporting software and cloud services. The solid-state 3D HD video LiDAR are mainly used in the fields of autonomous driving, ADAS, security, machine vision, 3D imaging and UAV. The key technologies include the world’s leading high-definition solid-state MEMS LiDAR, LiDAR data processing algorithm and software, AI and machine learning in the application of LiDAR and other LiDAR-based software solutions. Neuvition LiDAR is one of the most advanced commercially LiDARs available in the market with many parameters ahead of competition.


Jian Lin - Chairman & CTO

  • Caltech, Ph. D.

  • 24 years of experience in cloud computing, algorithm, network communication, video processing.

  • Architect and Senior Manager with WebEx/Cisco

  • Senior Engineering Director of RingCentral.

  • General Manager of RingCentral China

      Henry Li - CEO

  • Over 18 years of experience in Laser Technology & Application Systems, Spectroscopy, Control, Networking and Semiconductor.

  • Won 2nd Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award 1987 contributing to High Power Narrow Band Tunable YAG-DYE- RAMAN Laser System.

  • Multi-discipline of international marketing, R&D, and corporate management.

Latest News

Neuvition Announces High Resolution LiDAR With Video Fusion for Autonomous Driving and 3D Imaging

Neuvition, Inc. today announced the first version of its 480 lines HD video LiDAR, Titan M1. The semi solid state LiDAR has a resolution of 480 vertical lines and 1280 pixels max for each line (resolution of 1280 x 480). It is one of the highest resolution LiDARs on the commercial market. It has up to 1.5 million points/sec data rate with multiple returns and distance up to 200 meters.