How Much Do You Know about Car LIDAR?

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2021-04-09 02:20:14

Whether it is a vehicle-mounted or a ship-borne or even an airborne LIDAR, the principle is to load the vehicle with a three-dimensional laser scanner and a POS system. The purpose is to be able to build DTM models in a longer and farther range. The purpose of GPS application is to let the car “know” its position at any time to facilitate fitting.

In any mobile measurement system, the navigation system, which is the source of geographic coordinates for the point cloud and image, is a key component. Navigation systems generally use GPS and inertial navigation units. However, complex conditions on the ground, such as trees. Buildings and overpasses often block GPS signals. Therefore, an advanced navigation system must include other auxiliary sensors and complete data processing methods, so that the accuracy of the route can be guaranteed when the GPS signal is lost.

Application of Vehicle LIDAR

1. Highway survey, maintenance and survey

2. Highway asset inventory (traffic signs, noise barriers, guardrails, sewer openings, drains, etc.)

3. Highway inspection (rutting, road surface, road deformation)

4. Highway geometric model (analysis of horizontal and vertical profile)

5. Structural analysis (overpass)

6. Flooding assessment analysis

7. Overlay analysis in GIS system

8. Landslide analysis, hazard assessment (landslide deformation measurement and hazard analysis, talc and flowing water analysis)

9. Traffic flow analysis, safety assessment and environmental pollution assessment

10. Earthwork volume analysis

11. Driving vision and safety analysis