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NeuViewer is a software system for Neuvition LiDAR control, data processing, and point cloud display, including functions:setting and modifying basic parameters such as data frame rate, laser power, laser sampling rate, etc.; real-time recording and playback of point cloud data stream and video;

Neuviewer SDK

Neuvition SDK is a C++ integrated development toolkit for various series of LiDAR products of Neuvition. It supports multi-platform integrated development, including Windows x86_64, Linux x86_64,Linux Aarch64 and other platform environments.

AI vision algorithm

Neuvition LiDAR and its AI vision algorithm services image recognition, video stream recognition, point cloud recognition and text recognition, and widely used in fields such as rail transit, city roads, and industrial production, etc. providing more efficient, intelligent and safer solutions for the public.


Dynamic Truck Volume Measurement

Neuvition Railway Collision Avoidance Solution

Dynamic Truck Volume Measurement

This solution can quickly, real-time, and automatically output structured data according to requirements, improve work efficiency, reduce huge losses caused by measurement errors, and truly realize cost reduction and efficiency increase and automation.


Neuvition Railway Collision Avoidance Solution

Obstacles on the track have the greatest impact on driving safety. Once collides with obstacle, it will cause a major train accident and cause huge economic losses. Detection of obstacles on the track is a must to ensure driving safety.

Innovative applications

Innovative applications

  • LiDAR-based Real-time Truck Bulkload Volume Measurement

  • LiDAR-based Rail Traffic Safety Solution

  • LiDAR Solution for Subway Screen Door Accident Prevention

  • LiDAR Solution for Train Compartment Detection

  • LiDAR Solution for Rail Traffic Detection

  • LiDAR-based Large Warehouse Stockpile Volume Measurement Solution

  • LiDAR Solution for Culvert Anti-collision Warning

  • Port Vehicle/container Inspection Solution

  • LiDAR-based Ship Safety Driving Assistance System

  • LiDAR-based Intrusion Detection Alarm System

  • LiDAR-aided Aircraft Parking Solution

  • LiDAR-based Tower Crane Anticollision ADAS Solution

  • LiDAR Solution for V2X & Smart Road

  • LiDAR Solution for Autonomous Driving

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