How to Make Subway Detection Efficient and Accurate?

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2021-04-12 03:28:11

In recent years, the subway has not only facilitated citizens’ lives but also eased traffic congestion in major cities. Meanwhile, the following problem is that the pressure on passenger transportation has continued to increase. The huge passenger flow has also brought corresponding pressure to the station operating. It is frequent to see passengers or their bags, clothes get caught in subway stations, which poses greater potential safety hazards and accident risks. Many accidents were reported that some passengers were unfortunately restrained and killed at the gaps between the Platform Screen Doors and the doors of the subway trains. Related departments try to figure out: what is the best way to make subway detection efficient, accurate, and economical?

The lack of intelligent technology for subway detection means the continuous increase in passenger flow and more severe situations as well as hidden dangers. Currently, in most countries, subway detection mainly relies on manual inspection or a small amount of automation equipment, which has the problems of high cost and low efficiency and accuracy and is also hard to discover various problems in subway rail such as foreign object intrusion, tunnel deformation, uneven road surface, and other abnormalities.

Subway detection

For the subway detection, especially the gap between the train and the safety door, there are mainly the following difficulties:

1. Insufficient light in the subway environment, usually the safety gate of a subway station is about 100m;

2. The gap space is very small so that it requires high-precision sensors to meet the demand;

3. The operating environment of the subway is filled with noise and vibration, and maintenance costs are high so that the sensor must be highly reliable to work in this complex environment;

There is an urgent need for an efficient, accurate, and economical subway detection solution. Through the analysis of the space between the train door and the screen door, Neuvition LiDAR is superior in sensing performance as the detection instrument to quickly detect whether there are any foreign objects between the train door and the screen door in real time. LiDAR is better than other sensors in terms of performance on anti-interference, accuracy, and reliability, and it can effectively ensure the safety of passengers.

Neuvition has launched a subway detection solution – “Titan M1 Subway Platform Screen Door-Foreign Object Detection Solution”, which is applied in train gaps, is beneficial to prevent trapping, to improve the safety level, and to ensure the safe operation of trains.

1. First, LiDAR can work with its light source, which allows it to operate normally in dark conditions. Second, Neuvition’s intelligent Titan M1 solid-state LiDAR is based on the MEMS technology route and uses 1550nm lasers, so that it can reach an effective detection distance of up to 200M;

subway detection lidar viewer

100m front view 

lidar software NeuViewer

100m top view

2. Titan M1 can reach up to 1750 points in the horizontal direction and 480 lines in the vertical direction. LiDAR itself is equipped with a camera that enables the point cloud to fuse with video. The point cloud contains X, Y, Z coordinates, RGB information, object reflectivity, timestamp, etc.!

lidar accuracy

Lidar test water pipe length 2998mm

water pipe length 2997mm

3. Neuvition LiDAR adopts MEMS technology and has an effective operating time of up to 50,000 hours to ensure reliability for long-term operation. Our LiDAR has been widely used in highway, subway, and other application scenarios.

Guangzhou-Shenzhen Riverside Expressway

Gap Detection Solution between train and safety gate:

subway detection lidar

LiDAR model: Titan M1

Detection range: 200 meters, H45°x L25°

Installation method: two LiDARs are installed on the side of the screen door, one is at the front and the other is at the back for face-to-face scanning

Detection method: real-time detection

Communication method: Ethernet


1. High-resolution LiDAR can effectively ensure measurement accuracy;

2. The front and back scanning can fully collect 3D information of foreign objects to prevent misjudgment! Besides, it can ensure that complete information can also be detected around the corners of subway station;

3. The use of solid-state LiDAR saves a lot of unnecessary maintenance costs.