1550nm LiDAR Series
905nm LiDAR Series
Flash LiDAR Series
1550nm LiDAR  Series

Neuvition Titan M1 series LiDAR is high end and high performance 3D sensor with 1550 nm laser. It is for long range and high resolution applications.

Titan S1 is going to launch, oder in advance and enjoy the better price!

905nm LiDAR  Series

Neuvition Titan S1 family LiDAR is low cost and good performance 905 nm LiDAR for middle and short range application,for example, AGV,robotics and other lower cost applications.

Flash LiDAR Series

Neuvition Titan F1 is a extra low cost, short range and low resolution product family. It could be used for a lot of simply machine vision applications, such as low cost robots.

It’s coming……

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