905nm LiDAR Series
  • neux1

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    Highly cost-effective, Long-range Automotive LiDAR

  • Titan M1
    Titan M1

    It is one of the highest resolution LiDARs on the commercial market. The semi solid state LiDAR has a resolution of 480 vertical lines and 1280 pixels max for each line (resolution of 1280 x 480). It has up to 1.5 million points/sec data rate with multiple returns and distance up to 200 meters.

  • Titan M1 Series
  • Titan M1-A
    Titan M1-A

    Titan M1-A is a high-resolution solid-state LiDAR sensor that can detect objects faster and more accurately. It not only has high measurement accuracy of 5 mm, with detection range of low reflectivity objects at 60 meters away, but also has super high resolution, and the resolution pixels are close to the image level……

  • Titan M1-I
    Titan M1-I

    Titan M1-I is an all in one complete solid-state LiDAR with control and screen integrated. By combining a powerful solid-state LiDAR with a touch screen, it makes the system more portable. Moreover, the handheld device comes with a WIFI hotspot and a 7-inch multitouch screen, which allows users to control the device and directly use the device without connecting personal computers or other IPCs.

  • Titan M1-Pro
    Titan M1-Pro

    125 degree horizontal FOV makes Titan M1-pro suitable for forward facing LiDAR sensor in high speed autonomous driving that has effective distance of 200 M, wide FOV and very high resolution. Cost effective and reliable alternative to other main LiDAR sensors in autonomous driving.

  • Titan M1-R
    Titan M1-R

    Titan M1-R is an ultra-long range solid-state LiDAR. This sensor can accurately detect vehicles and obstacles within 1000 meters, and issue alarms in time. It is very suitable for the defense and alert in the key area such as railroad and border. With 1550nm laser, Titan M1-R can accurately detect objects regardless……

  • Titan P1
    Titan P1

    titan new p1

  • Titan S1
    Titan S1

    It is Neuvition first low cost LiDAR for closer range applications. It has unique structural and electronic design with adjustable resolution output and ultra low power consumption. Because of its small size and light weight, it becomes popular in many application scenarios, such as UAV&AGV.

  • Titan S2
    Titan S2

    low cost, Small Size, Pure solid-state,long service life;Application scenarios: AGV, smart factory and warehouse sorting and handling, production line inspection, low-speed autonomous cleaning car, etc.