The Application of LiDAR in the Field of Surveillance – Prospect Looks Bright

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2020-07-22 10:23:08

With the rapid development of the domestic security field, security systems have begun to develop towards integration, multifunction, and intelligence. The traditional single camera mode can no longer fully meet the requirements of increasingly complex, diversified and multifunctional security environments. The application of LiDAR provides new solutions and new functions for security integrator and customers. Compared with the traditional security monitoring system, the LiDAR-based security solution can not only meet the customer’s requests on basic protection and alarm function, but also enhance the customer’s in-depth needs and have greater advantages.

Security combined with LiDAR - Advantages highlighted

In recent years, LiDAR technology has developed rapidly. The technology has evolved from simple laser ranging technology to laser tracking, laser speed measurement, laser scanning imaging, laser Doppler imaging and other technologies. As a result, many different uses of LiDAR have emerged, such as precision tracking LiDAR, detection LiDAR, underwater LiDAR, etc., making LiDAR a system with multiple functions.


LiDAR sensor does not need to use ambient light because it uses a scanner to actively emit and monitor laser pulses. Therefore, it can be monitored stably under the light of day and night. At the same time, it integrates various anti-environmental interference hardware and software measures to reliably monitor in harsh outdoor environments.


– LiDAR does not rely on far-infrared sensing of living organisms, and can detect both human bodies and ordinary objects.
– The LiDAR has a small size and is convenient for concealed installation.
– The shape of the monitoring area can be flexibly set by the user. In other words, in the working mode, it is also very convenient to switch the parameter settings such as the shape of the monitoring area.


LiDAR uses a laser beam, and its operating frequency is much higher than that of microwave. It also has extremely high resolution and can detect both moving and stationary objects. The LiDAR system can simultaneously set up multiple independent monitoring areas according to different monitoring purposes. When an intruder is detected, accurate location information can be provided to enable real-time tracking through the video system.

LiDAR in Surveillance Market Has Promising Prospects

In recent years, in the context of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, intelligent robots, drones, and unmanned driving have become the key directions in the global scientific and technological field. For these intelligent technologies, LiDAR is equivalent to “eyes”. Without LiDAR, it is impossible to perceive and respond to the surrounding environment. Therefore, in this wave of rapid development of intelligent technology, LiDAR will further accelerate the application in the field of surveillance.

From the current point of view, LiDAR has good development prospects in the field of security, but most manufacturers have not yet formed large-scale production, and the price is still high. Based on the industry background, Neuvition has focused on the research and development of MEMS solid-state LiDAR as early as 5 years ago. So far, it has not only launched a variety of LiDARs for both short-range monitoring and long-range detection, but has also reached the stage of mass production. Therefore, the price is also very competitive in the market. Neuvition’s unprecedented high definition video LiDAR Titan series support up to 700 vertical lines and 1750 pixels per line. With integrated video camera, the output of Titan family LiDAR can be traditional point cloud or colored point cloud. It captures and fuses ToF point loud data together with video stream in pixel level that provides the best detection of objects with 3D color information. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best sensors that can be selected in the field of surveillance.

The LiDAR industry is currently at an explosive stage, and anyone who can take the lead in further breakthroughs in technology can master the initiative.