Neuvition’s High-resolution Solid-state LiDAR Boosts Surveillance Applications

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2020-07-22 10:08:46

Neuvition, the world leader in LiDAR, recently demonstrated its latest LiDAR technology for physical safety and public safety automation solutions at China International Automotive Interiors and Exteriors Exhibition (CIAIE). Neuvition’s LiDAR sensors can be installed in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) to provide the necessary mapping, navigation, and perimeter security functions for commercial, government, and emergency applications.

Neuvition’s LiDAR sensors can help security and public safety organizations actively respond to the changing threat environment and protect people and assets.

Neuvition showcased the Titan series during the exhibition, which provide industry-leading detection distance and resolution. The Titan series also can detect vehicles and people with unparalleled accuracy in extremely challenging environments.

“Neuvition can help security and public safety organizations keep up with the changing threat environment and protect people and assets,” said Jian Lin, chairman and CTO of Neuvition. “Our technology can not only provide 360-degree panoramic view for unmanned aircraft and ground solutions. It can also view the entire environment within 600 meters. Our LiDAR sensors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to support various UAV and ground applications.”

One of the most important advantages of Neuvition LiDAR is its ability to detect threats in three dimensions, especially in the air. Currently, most intrusion detection technologies can only detect objects moving on the ground, such as pedestrians and vehicles. With the emergence of drones and air Taxi, the current security system must be able to detect airborne threats and respond accordingly. Most of these new aerial threats are small in size and cannot be detected with traditional radar. PTZ camera and other technologies have limited field of view. Neuvition’s LiDAR is a key technology for automatic monitoring of important infrastructure entrances such as tunnels, nuclear facilities and high-rise buildings.

Thanks to its small size and low power consumption, Neuvition’s LiDAR sensors can be used to integrate drones and unmanned vehicle equipment with ground stations. Neuvition provides comprehensive documentation and support, as well as an extensive global network of third-party integrator. The Neuvition sensor has a built-in integrated robot operating system (ROS), which can be connected with the host computer to create a multi-sensor cohesive network.

Jian from Neuvtion explained, “For LiDAR, it is easy to provide accurate distances to objects. If combined with other technologies, it can give accurate information to determine whether it is an object or event that needs attention. In fact, LiDAR is indeed an old technology that has been improved to meet the challenges of new applications. Especially for security applications which need new and innovative hardware. Therefore, the application of LiDAR is expected to raise active threat detection to a new level.”