How Will Smart Street Light Change Our Life?

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2020-10-12 17:08:30

The idea of smart city came up in 1993, but it was not until 2015 that the first real smart light pole appeared on the road in the United States. 2016 is the first year that the official landing of smart street lights started in European countries and some Asian countries including China. In 2019, it was the first year of 5G commercial deployment in which the 5G trend has brought new opportunities for the development of smart cities.

Smart street-light pole
What is smart street light?

The smart street light comprehensively carries multiple devices and sensors and has smart capabilities by integrating many functions including smart lighting, traffic management, weather station, air quality inspection, urban WIFI coverage, video surveillance, charging station, LED information display, information interaction, one-push alarm, 4G / 5G base station, and so on. Therefore, it is not only a new-generation multifunctional urban information infrastructure but also an important carrier for building new smart cities.

What are the main functions of the smart street light?

With the development of smart cities, smart street lights have integrated more and more smart functions.

Smart lighting

Smart street light connects each lamp to the Internet through the information sensors to achieve on-demand lighting and refined management. Eventually, it achieves the purposes including energy saving, emission reduction, efficient operation, and maintenance.

Intelligent security

With the camera and remote-control system, it incorporates the functions of digital monitoring, public security management, traffic diversion, etc. In addition, it has the function of emergency calls. This function allows the outside calls to contact the monitoring center, and then the center can actively and quickly broadcast to the outside.

Traffic management

With the help of lidar and remote-control systems,  smart street light is able to detect the vehicles’ information in a distance such as overspeed, lane change, overload, etc. Besides,  it combines with the camera, which is vital to traffic control and management.

Wireless city

If smart street lights are equipped with WIFI hotspots and micro base stations. they can realize wireless communication networks, wireless RF networks, and wireless NFO networks. And there will be 4G/5G networks if covered with 4G/5G base stations.

Charging station

To support the government to promote new energy vehicles, smart street lights also provide convenient charging services for electric vehicles. The vehicles can be charged on smart street light in stations, communities, roads, etc.

Weather station

A series of sensors can be installed on the streetlights, for example, temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, radiation, precipitation, and wind sensors, so as to collect local weather data.

So far, you must be very impressed by the functions of LiDAR traffic management as it is much more intelligent, convenient, and efficient. LiDAR and algorithm achieve this function. 

Here is one of the Neuvition smart street light project.

It is the Shenzhen Riverside Expressway smart street-light pole project. Shenzhen is one of the 4th largest cities in China and one of the most technologically advanced cities. The project has constructed 93 multi-function light poles. They have the function of smart lighting, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, and integrated smart high-speed demonstration applications of new technologies. These technologies are 5G edge computing, cloud edge terminals, and innovative 5G holographic dynamic digital road practices.

Proudly speaking, Neuvition, inc. is a LiDAR solution provider qualified for this project. Neuvition’s high-resolution LiDARs are installed on these light poles to provide traffic control and monitoring of the smart city networks.

Don’t be surprised to see a Neuvition LiDAR on a light pole in the future. If you are responsible for building a smart city project and seeking any LiDAR solution or products, please contact us. We can help you to make the smart city project move faster.