LiDAR is becoming an important sensor for smart cities

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2019-06-08 15:40:58

In the process of deep deployment of smart cities, LiDAR is mainly used in smart transportation, smart security, and smart logistics. This article mainly talks about the application of LiDAR in the field of intelligent transportation. In addition to deep driving autopilot, Neuvition LiDAR has also developed real-time monitoring of road traffic vehicles based on LiDAR, vehicle-road coordination, smart zebra crossing, smart parking lot, height-restricted intelligent anti-collision, track foreign object detection and other traffic scenarios’ solution.

  • Intelligent intersection and traffic management: LiDARcan monitor pedestrians and vehicles to help ensure the safety and efficiency of highway and railway intersections. It can also provide information about traffic density and traffic mode for automatic control of traffic lights and route optimization.
  • Transportation infrastructure: LiDARcan track vehicles to provide accurate and real-time information to help optimize parking management in the city. It can distinguish the shape of the vehicle and survey the road surface to assess the potential damage to the road surface. It can also classify various vehicles passing at high speed to help realize automatic toll collection.

Neuvition high-resolution solid-state LiDAR has been committed to the MEMS technology route. It is also the world’s first solid-state distributed structure, supporting one host with multiple probes, and the probe host is small. Titan M1 series LiDAR has up to 480-720 laser scanning lines and 1750 pixel resolution per line. The detection distance can reach 600 meters. There are also upgraded versions of higher pixel series radars available for different scenarios.

Neuvition Technology continuously improves the performance of LiDAR and increases the variety of products to meet the needs of smart cities in different scenarios. For more information, please visit the official website of Neuvition Inc., we will be happy to answer any questions for you.

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