• Introduction to LiDAR

    Advantages of LiDAR High-resolution LiDAR works in the optical band, and the frequency is 2 to 3 orders of magnitude higher than that of the microwave. Therefore, compared with microwave radar, LiDAR has extremely high range resolution, angular resolution, and velocity resolution. Strong anti-interference ability The laser has a short wavelength, can emit a laser beam with a […]

  • In which scenarios are LiDAR sensors applied

    Radar is not unfamiliar to many people, but LiDAR may not be heard much. With the continuous development and popularization of laser technology, in recent years, Google, Tesla and other unmanned driving technologies have been exposed, and LiDAR has also received widespread attention. It can be seen in the fields of unmanned aircraft, 3D printing, VR/AR and […]

  • What Specific V2X Scenarios Is Roadside LiDAR Applied in?

    What Specific V2X Scenarios Is Roadside LiDAR Applied in? V2X test demonstration zone, intersection, parks, airports, and ports, etc.

  • LiDAR Application in V2X

    LiDAR application increasingly plays an essential role in V2X, which transfers part of the perception ability from the vehicles to the roadside transportation facilities.

  • Automotive LiDAR Key Information

    Among all sensors dedicated to enhancing sensing and object detection capabilities, automotive LiDAR is the most complex and diverse choice.

  • What is the use of automotive LiDAR?

    The difference between LiDAR and millimeter-wave radar LiDAR is a radar system that emits light beams to detect the position and speed of the target. It is equivalent to our eyes, with powerful and complex information perception and processing capabilities. Excited light radar has been widely used in aircraft obstacle avoidance, reconnaissance imaging, missile guidance, and other fields […]

  • Why LiDAR is the “eyes of driverless cars”

    For a car to be driverless, just like a human walking, it must control our legs through our eyes and brain. For cars, the eyes can be cameras, ordinary radars (ie radio radars), and LiDARs. Generally, these three are the same. The brain is to the car, that is the chip. It will finally control […]

  • LiDAR in Self-driving Cars

    Self-driving Cars The principle of LiDAR is to emit a laser beam to a target object and then determine the actual distance from the target object according to the time interval between laser beam emission and reflection. The biggest feature is that the distance measurement is accurate, which can reach the level of accuracy. Such high-precision measurement […]

  • LiDAR Detecting System for Rail Detection

    The layout integrating LiDAR system with rail subgrade and rail train will play an important role in the highly automated operation of rail traffic in the future.

  • The Difference Between Laser Sensor and LiDAR

    1.Laser sensor: First, a laser diode is aimed at the target to emit laser pulses. The laser light is scattered in all directions after being reflected by the target. Part of the scattered light returns to the sensor receiver and is imaged on the avalanche photodiode after being received by the optical system. The avalanche […]