LiDAR Solutions for Bulk Cargo Volume Measurement

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2022-11-04 08:02:08

How to accurately measure the volume of bulk goods in trucks or at factories, docks, and other open areas? Neuvition LiDAR solutions for bulk cargo volume measurement could be the best way to meet your needs in different scenarios.

Measurement materials: sand, soil, gravel, stone, wood chips, etc.

Success Use Cases

In this customer case, Titan P1 LiDAR is mounted on a gantry to scan the bulk cargo and output a 3D point cloud for the system to measure the volume of the bulk cargo in the truck. The whole measurement process will takes less than 10 seconds, and the data is accurate!

LiDAR Solutions for Two Scenarios

Bulk Truck Cargo Volume Measurement

Bulk Truck Cargo Volume Measurement

This real-time measuring solution makes truck cargo volume measuring work more manageable, more automated, and more accurate.

Measurement methods:

Neuvition Bulk Truck Cargo Measurement Solution is a high-precision bulk material volumetric measurement system for road trucks or mining trucks, including two ways:

Static volume measurement

Static measurement means that the measurement work is done when the vehicle is stationary.

Dynamic volume measurement

Dynamic method means that the vehicle to be measured passes through the scanning area at a specified driving speed, and the system completes the volume measurement once the truck passes through the gate.

Neuvition LiDAR measuring solution provides real-time 3D precision measuring and laser scanning, making truck volume automated measuring work more accurate and easier.

Large Warehouse Stockpile Volume Measurement Solution

Large Warehouse Stockpile Volume Measurement Solution

How to make large warehouse stockpile volume measurement work easier and more accurately? Learn how Neuvition LiDAR solution works for volume measurement tasks of the large stockpile, such as coal pile, salt pile, etc.

In this solution, PTZ rotates 360° horizontally and 160° vertically, allowing the LiDAR to scan over a larger area and measure the entire stockpile volume!
This LiDAR solution will make a lot of work easier and lower cost! With LiDAR and PTZ (horizontal rotation of 360° and vertical rotation of 160°), large warehouse stockpile volume measurement solutions are beneficial to enterprise productivity improvement!

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