Understanding LiDAR

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2021-05-21 02:56:41

LiDAR is a system that integrates three technologies: laser, global positioning system (GPS), and IMU (inertial measurement unit). Compared with ordinary radars, LiDAR has higher resolution, better concealment, and stronger anti-interference ability. Advantage. With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of LiDAR has become more and more extensive. It can be seen in the fields of robots, unmanned driving, unmanned vehicles, and other fields. There will be a market when there is demand. With the continuously increasing demand for LiDAR With the increase, the types of LiDARs have become dazzling, and LiDARs can be divided into different types according to their use functions, detection methods, and load platforms.

Principle of Triangular Ranging LiDAR

The principle of the triangulation method is shown in the figure below. The laser emits laser light. After irradiating the object, the reflected light is received by the linear CCD. Since the laser and the detector are separated by a certain distance, objects at different distances will be imaged on the CCD according to the optical path. Different locations. Calculate according to the trigonometric formula, you can deduce the distance of the measured object.

TOF LiDAR principle

The laser emits a laser pulse, and the time of emission is recorded by the timer, the return light is received by the receiver, and the return time is recorded by the timer. By subtracting the two times, the “time of flight” of light is obtained, and the speed of light is constant, so the distance can be easily calculated after the speed and time are known.

Triangular ranging LiDAR and TOF LiDAR performance PK

Having said that, in fact, from the point of view of downstream users, I don’t care whether it is easy or difficult for you to implement. Users are most concerned about nothing more than two points: performance and price. Let me talk about performance first. If most people who know this industry know that TOF radar is generally better than triangle radar in terms of performance.