Neuvition Releases the World’s First Solid-state LiDAR Integrated with a Touch Screen

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2020-12-02 19:02:01

DUBLIN, Calif. December 2, 2020 — Neuvition, Inc., a high-tech company focused on the development of solid-state HD video LiDAR sensors supporting software and cloud services, announces to release a newly developed all-in-one complete solid-state LiDAR.

First Solid-state LiDAR Integrated with a Touch Screen

Just like the iPhone has revolutionized the mobile phone by combining a phone, an iPod, and a browser into a single device. Neuvition releases all in one complete solid-state LiDAR with control and screen integrated together into a powerful package. By combining a powerful solid-state LiDAR with a touch screen, it makes the system more portable than before. This is the first long-range handheld LiDAR sensor with control and visualization software built into the system. Moreover, the device comes with WIFI hotspot, and the 7-inch multitouch screen allows users to control the device. Users can directly use the device without connecting their personal computers or other IPCs (Industrial Personal Computer). It will work out of the box. Just turn on the power and run the application.

Titan M1-I Solid-state LiDAR

LiDAR sensor is now becoming important 3D sensors for many applications including autonomous driving, smart city (V2X), drone, mapping, etc. Traditionally, it takes another control board or computer to be able to use the LiDAR data. The existing LiDAR sensors on the market (including other models from Neuvition:  Titan M1, Titan M1-A, Titan M1-R, Titan M1-Pro, Titan S1) all require another control board or the computer to run. In order to solve this problem for users, Neuvition breaks the LiDAR sensor packaging mode. We build a handheld LiDAR integrated solution with control and touch screen monitor for easy control and make it very portable for many applications. For example, outdoor mapping, 3D imaging, measurement applications.

The newly released all-in-one complete solid-state LiDAR has two models: Titan M1-I (detection range 200 meters) and Titan M1-RI (detection range up to 600 meters), which are compact and powerful LiDAR and data processing units. The onboard quad-core ARM computer comes with Ubuntu 20.04 Aarch64 architecture operating system by default, and it has built-in NeuViewer client software for scanning effect display and ROS driver software package supporting LiDAR. At the same time, it provides an SDK software package supporting the LiDAR, which allows users to integrate into their own software, making it easier and faster to interact with the LiDAR and to obtain data. Based on this device, developers can use their imagination and create more interesting and novel applications for LiDAR. We are focusing on how to make LiDAR-related software development and testing more convenient and more efficient.

Titan M1-I all-in-one complete solid-state LiDAR

The new portable LiDAR also provides open software development kit. “We encourage the academy and other software developers to work with us to share more software on this integrated LiDAR system. Using this platform, more creative solutions can be developed to help improving the development of the technology and promote the wider adoption of innovative LiDAR applications.” Jian Lin, Chairman of Neuvition, said.