Features of lidar

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2021-01-27 03:05:05

Compared with ordinary microwave radar, the operating frequency of LiDAR is much higher than that of microwave radar because LiDAR uses a laser beam.LiDAR has many characteristics including:

(1) High resolution
Lidar sensor can obtain extremely high angle, distance and speed resolution. Usually the angular resolution is not less than 0.1mard, that is to say, it can distinguish two targets 0.3m apart at a distance of 3km (this is impossible for microwave radar in any case), and can track multiple targets at the same time; the range resolution can be Up to 0.lm; speed resolution can reach within 10m/s. The high resolution of distance and velocity means that distance-Doppler imaging technology can be used to obtain a clear image of the target. High resolution is the most significant advantage of lidar, and most of its applications are based on this.

(2) Good concealment and strong anti-active interference ability
The laser propagates in a straight line, has good directivity, and the beam is very narrow. It can only be received on its propagation path. Therefore, it is very difficult for the enemy to intercept. The launch system (transmitting telescope) of the lidar has a small aperture and the receivable area is narrow. The probability of laser jamming signals entering the receiver is extremely low; in addition, unlike microwave radars that are susceptible to electromagnetic waves that exist in nature, there are not many signal sources that can interfere with laser radars in nature, so laser radars are anti-active The interference ability is very strong, suitable for working in the increasingly complex and intense information warfare environment.

(3) Good low-altitude detection performance
Due to the influence of various ground object echoes in microwave radar, there are blind areas (undetectable areas) at low altitudes. For lidar sensor, only the illuminated target will reflect, and there is no impact of ground object echo, so it can work at “zero altitude”, and the low-altitude detection performance is much stronger than that of microwave radar.

(4) Small size and light weight
Usually the volume of ordinary microwave radar is huge, the mass of the whole system is recorded in tons, and the diameter of the optical antenna can reach several meters or even tens of meters. The lidar is much lighter and more dexterous. The diameter of the launching telescope is generally only centimeter-level, and the mass of the whole system is only tens of kilograms. It is easy to set up and disassemble. Moreover, the structure of the lidar is relatively simple, the maintenance is convenient, the operation is easy, and the price islow.

  1. The use of lidar
    Helicopter obstacle avoidance lidar
    Chemical warfare agent detection lidar
    Airborne Marine Lidar
    Imaging lidar can detect underwater objects
    Unmanned Lidar