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solid state lidar sensor on smart smart light poles

Neuvition Solid-state LiDAR empowers 5G smart light poles

Smart street light pole is one of the key applications of the Internet of Things(IoT) in smart city construction. With smart hardware including smart lighting, traffic monitoring, and weather monitoring, it contributes to the construction of the Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS). LiDAR system is one of the smart hardware which can integrate road information

The Application of LiDAR in the Field of Surveillance – Prospect Looks Bright

With the rapid development of the domestic security field, security systems have begun to develop towards integration, multifunction, and intelligence. The traditional single camera mode can no longer fully meet the requirements of increasingly complex, diversified and multifunctional security environments. The application of LiDAR provides new solutions and new functions for security integrator and customers.

Neuvition’s High-resolution Solid-state LiDAR Boosts Surveillance Applications

Neuvition, the world leader in LiDAR, recently demonstrated its latest LiDAR technology for physical safety and public safety automation solutions at China International Automotive Interiors and Exteriors Exhibition (CIAIE). Neuvition’s LiDAR sensors can be installed in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) to provide the necessary mapping, navigation, and perimeter security functions for commercial, government, and

Mapping the world in Three-Dimension

Backgroud: As the next change the way of human life, blue ocean technology, unmanned vehicle research increasingly received high attention from academia and industry, the technology involved in cognitive science, artificial intelligence, control science, engineering machinery, such as the cross subject, is the best test platform for all kinds of emerging technologies, but also to

Neuvition Titan M1-Plus Build for 3D mapping

Introduction: 3D mapping, another wonderful technology of modern world, is a new machine vision technology in the field of cartography. While we are already familiar with 2D maps and 3D vision, it is not hard to imagine how a 3D map looks like? 3D mapping means profiling of objects in three dimensions to map out the corresponding objects in real-world. There are several

An effective method for precise positioning and tracking of loading and unloading

One application of 3D or 2D LiDAR is in the industry machine vision. Industry machine vision is a way for machine to see thing like human can and then can automate certain tasks used to do by human. LiDAR for its distance measurement capability, use more and more in recent years for the industry machine vision application. For example, use the 3D LiDAR to measure object size……

Intelligent Rail Transportation

Unmanned trains are the development direction of urban rail transit and one of the most indispensable modes of transportation. While focusing on convenience, the requirements for safety and intelligence are also increasing. This makes unmanned trains extremely demanding for the detection and identification of obstacles in front of the track and at the……

What makes robotic more accurate?

The word “robot” first appeared in Czech writer Karel’s 1921 work, which is used to describe the fictional robot characters. With the rapid development of science and technology, robots gradually appear in people’s lives. Robot sweeper, food delivery car, robot nursing and so on have been integrated into modern life……

LiDAR is becoming an important sensor for smart cities

In the process of deep deployment of smart cities, LiDAR is mainly used in smart transportation, smart security, and smart logistics. This article mainly talks about the application of LiDAR in the field of intelligent transportation. In addition to deep driving autopilot, Neuvition LiDAR has also developed real-time monitoring of road traffic vehicles based on LiDAR……