LiDAR Can Also Be Applied in These Areas

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2021-06-18 03:27:57

Although autonomous driving has made LiDAR famous, with the advancement of intelligence in various industries, LiDAR has received more attention due to its high-precision, sensitive, wide-ranging range, and rich information. In industries such as industry, some scenarios are currently easier to implement.

Application scenario 1: Regional security

Taking the security industry as an example, LiDAR can be used as the main force sensor or combined with other sensors such as cameras in various scenarios such as monitoring, entrance and exit control, perimeter security, and explosion-proof, to play a more accurate information collection function.

In the security solution provided for a railway station, a single-line off-axis LiDAR combined with a network camera is used to realize the pre-alarm function for intrusion into a safe area.

In the operation of the railway station, after vehicles arrive at the station, a certain range of safe areas must be delineated to prohibit pedestrians from passing through and staying to ensure the safety of personnel, the normal driving safety of vehicles, and the normal operation of the station. Therefore, effective early warning and protection of safe areas must be ensured.

Application Scenario 2: Intelligent Mine

Under the influence of factors such as poor working environment and high population cost, the mining industry has maintained a positive attitude towards the intelligent reform of the industry. This has laid a good foundation for the application of LiDAR in this field.

In the construction of smart mines, the digitization and automation of production lines are one of the main scenarios. Among them, the scene of detecting whether the filler in the mine cart is full is not complicated, and it is very suitable for intelligent transformation. However, this scenario requires the sensor to realize accurate judgment in an environment with high dust and a poor lighting environment, and the performance and environmental adaptability of the sensor are relatively high.

The previous sensor solution is greatly affected by dust, and because the position of the mine cart corresponding to the discharge port is filled first, the sensor misjudges that the mine cart is full, which instead leads to a reduction in efficiency and an increase in operating costs, which makes the mining area Start to consider other sensor options.