Intelligent Rail Transportation

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2020-06-09 16:41:55


Unmanned trains are the development direction of urban rail transit and one of the most indispensable modes of transportation. While focusing on convenience, the requirements for safety and intelligence are also increasing. This makes unmanned trains extremely demanding for the detection and identification of obstacles in front of the track and at the doors.

Cab console


  • Camera, radio radar and ultrasonic sensor cannot meet the requirements of obstacle detection, which needs to integrate new technologies to achieve
  • Interfacing with the equipment at the train and door of rail transportation to realize data collection
  • Enable to work in different climate, weather and environment

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  • Based on the fusion of laser radar and infrared camera, 3D camera, radio radar, ultrasonic sensor and other technologies, it overcomes the shortcomings of detection technology and realizes the efficient detection and recognition of obstacles in the track of the direction of the unmanned train. Once an obstacle in front is detected during driving, the train will immediately brake. Thus, it can work normally in different climates, different weathers, and different environments. This improves the safety of driverless operating trains.

Obstacle detection in the track as the train advances

  • The lidar is usually installed above the subway train door, and the object information between the doors is detected and fed back to the train control room in time. The control system will take corresponding treatment measures in time according to the detection results to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the train.

Object detection between train door and screen door


  • Fast recognition within 0.2S
  • Easy to install, at the front of the train or above the train door and PSD
  • No light and electromagnetic interference
  • Tachograph, distinguishing responsibilities in case of accidents
  • Image enhancement improved by 3 to 5 times in haze weather, making sure the safe operation of the train