• Unmanned Vehicles Support the “Last-Mile Delivery” in Shanghai Epidemic

    To make the “last-mile delivery” a reality, Meituan, Neolix, JD.com, and other unmanned vehicles equipped with lidar build an “anti-epidemic defense line” for Shanghai. Through contactless distribution, unmanned vehicles can effectively alleviate the demanding problem of last-mile delivery in the current Shanghai community’s fight against the epidemic, allowing Shanghai citizens to receive epidemic prevention materials faster and more safely.

  • LiDAR Sensing Technology in Smart Rail

    With technology development, LiDAR plays an important role in smart rail transportation, so in what areas is LiDAR sensing technology used?

  • LiDAR Sensor Application Scenarios

    With the fast technology development, LiDAR sensor application becomes more innovative and has been found in many industries.

  • Mobile Robot and LiDAR

    LiDAR technology can accelerate the arrival of the intelligent era of the logistics mobile robot industry and automation development.

  • Alibaba Logistics Vehicle Xiaomanlv Overturned

    In the field of last-mile distribution, Alibaba launched the logistics vehicle Xiaomanlv for express delivery in the “last-three kilometers”.

  • LiDAR for Logistics Mobile Robots

    The continuous development of LiDAR technology is a critical prerequisite for logistics mobile robots to achieve automated and unmanned operations.

  • LiDAR Price for Cars

    Car model with more LiDARs is more competitive? LiDAR price is one of the main factors restricting the large-scale use of LiDAR on cars

  • What is LiDAR System

    If you’ve ever seen an autonomous vehicle, you may have noticed a rapidly-spinning tube mounted on its roof. This is a LiDAR system unit. Its role is to measure the distance of objects relative to the position of the car in 3-D. LiDAR system isn’t just used in self-driving cars.LiDAR System ComponentsThere are 4 main […]

  • One Minute to Understand LiDAR

    LiDAR Introduction LiDAR is a remote sensing technology. LiDAR technology uses the pulse from a laser to collect measurements. These are used to create 3D models and maps of objects and environments. What Is LiDAR Technology? LiDAR technology is usually used to examine the surface of the earth, assess information about the ground surface, create a […]

  • Automated Driving and LiDAR: 10 Important Events in 2021

    This article is to conclude 10 important events about autonomous driving and LiDAR. Autonomous driving has explored different model prototypes on the path of commercialization in 2021.