Titan M1 First-generation Star Product

480-line Resolution, 200-meter Detection Range, 45° Horizontal FOV

Application Fields

V2X/Smart Road
Rail Traffic Intrusion Detection
Industrial Machine Vision
Smart Port

Use Case Point Cloud


1-200m @ 20%;Precision: ±2cm


H 0.03°;V 0.05°(single line:H0.024°)

Angular Resolution

H1750;V480(single line:H1750)


1500,000 Points/s(Max)

Repetition Rate

H 45°;V 25°(single line:H42°)

Field of View

170mm * 63mm * 165mm



Professional Test, Authority Recognized

broad-band random vibration

mechanical shock

high temperature resistant

low temperature resistant

waterproof IP67

human eye safety

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