Detection Range


Angular Resolution

120°x 25°

Field of View




Scan Lines


Ambient Light Resistance

Technical Requirements and Features of Automotive LiDAR

Typical technical requirements
  • Detection range >200m @10% reflectivity;
  • Angular resolution: the FOV area (H)0.1° X(V)0.2° or better;
  • Minimum frame rate ≥ 10fps;
  • Ambient light resistance ≥ 100Klux and anti-LiDAR interference;
  • FOV >=(H)120° x (V)25° (can be non-uniform FOV);
  • Volume: easy for integration (outside or inside the driver compartment);
  • Power consumption: 10W~20W inside the driver compartment; no more than ~30W outside the driver compartment;
  • Class 1 eye-safe;
  • Work nearly around the clock;
  • Automotive-grade; acceptable cost and mass production;
Key technical features
  • Effective entrance pupil of receiving system;
  • Photoelectric receiving sensor type;
  • Receiving demodulation mode and signal processing;
  • Anti-ambient light, anti-noise and anti-interference (coaxial reception, filter bandwidth, time domain decoding, spatial domain interference resistance);
  • Light source wavelength;
  • Emitted beam divergence, beam diameter, and beam quality;
  • Transmit power;
  • System dot frequency;
  • Projection scanning mode Transmit Code;

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