Volume Measurement Based On Neuvition LiDAR

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2023-02-22 08:51:06

Neuvition LiDAR solution for volume measurement is designed to help enterprises achieve real and accurate measurement results.


Using LiDAR to measure the volume of objects can help reduce costs, improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and provide real-time measurement results. The core strength lies in its high precision and reliability.


The LiDAR-based volume measurement system sends a series of laser pulses through LiDAR and records the returned signals, so as to calculate the volume of the object through methods such as 3D reconstruction and deep learning algorithms.


During the use of LiDAR for volume measuring, there are certain challenges. The main influencing factors include the following aspects:

  1. The reflectivity of the measured object. The reflectivity of an object determines the strength of the signal received by the LiDAR, which affects the measurement results of the LiDAR. The reflectivity of different objects is different, it will affect the measurement accuracy to a certain extent, and errors may occur. For example, the reflectivity of the following objects is not very friendly to LiDAR measurement, including metal, plexiglass, polysilicon, etc. These objects are highly reflective. LiDAR cannot yet penetrate dense objects like water.
  2. The shape of the measured object. One of the biggest challenges in using LiDAR to measure the volume of irregular objects is obtaining accurate structure results. The principle of LiDAR measurement is to emit laser light to the target object and reflect it to the detector, if the surface of the object is uneven, such as spherical, cylindrical, elliptical, or other complex shapes. There will be errors in the ordinary laser radar measurement process, and it is necessary to develop a LiDAR-based measurement system for different objects to solve the problem.
  3. Environmental factors. Environmental factors mainly include optical fiber, temperature, humidity, smog, dust, etc.


Neuvition LiDAR solution for volume measurement is designed to help enterprises achieve real and accurate measurement results. The solution is based on Neuvition LiDAR sensor hardware, independently developed LiDAR measurement system software technology, combined with machine deep learning algorithms, which can more accurately measure the size and volume of objects. It can be applied to many scenarios in daily life: fitting, assembling, logistics, industrial manufacturing, etc. Neuvition solution for volume measuring helps customers improve work efficiency, shorten the time required for measurement, and help customers achieve cost-saving goals.

Combined with customer needs and the experience summed up during their project landing process, Neuvition is currently promoting two commonly used volume measuring solutions to customers: Bulk Truck Cargo Volume Measurement and Large Stockpile Volume Measurement.

Bulk Truck Cargo Volume Measurement: Neuvition volume measuring system registers vehicle unloaded information in advance, when the registered truck is loaded and passes the measurement system, the difference between the two volumes is the volume of the transported bulk cargo. Basic kits for the solution include LiDAR equipment, cable sets, edge computers, PTZs, and big data platform interfaces (the platform can provide source code for secondary development and integrated development). It aims to help customers in freight logistics, mining, timber industry, and other fields solve the pain points and difficulties of volume measurement in the logistics process.

Bulk Truck Cargo Volume Measurement use case

Large Stockpile Volume Measurement: mainly used to measure and make an inventory of the volume of salt, gravel, etc. in the warehouse, or grains and cereal in the storage tank. Our LiDAR solution is based on the storage area, deploying multiple LiDARs and PTZs to complete point cloud registration, scanning, and calculation. The ability of real-time data output is conducive to the accuracy and timeliness of warehouse inventory data verification.

Large Stockpile Volume Measurement use case

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