Why Solid-State LiDAR Is the Best Choice for Self-Driving Cars?

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2020-06-12 10:17:30

Solid-state LiDAR is a form of LiDAR that does not require moving parts. Built entirely on a silicon chip, a solid-state LiDAR system is smaller and more resilient to vibrations—and oftentimes less expensive than an electromechanically-intensive traditional LiDAR system. This is obviously attractive to the designer of an autonomous vehicle as it eliminates the need for a swiveling (or rotating) LiDAR sensor mounted to a vehicle (or a multitude of LiDAR sensors locked in place to cover blind spots). To make it simpler, compared to electromechanical LiDAR which has massive spinning parts, solid-state LiDAR has no moving parts. It’s also smaller, lighter and more compact while providing an array of notable benefits.

Solid State LiDAR Sensor technology is attracting a great deal of attention due to its numerous applications in automotive field. Manufacturers in the Solid State LiDAR Sensor market are increasingly investing in the research and development activities to find new and innovative techniques to develop Solid State LiDAR Sensor. But over the last year, I’ve gotten a steady stream of pitches from LiDAR companies, and I’ve talked to as many of them as I could. One potential company comes into my eyes.

Neuvition Technology develops a high definition solid-state LiDAR which it claims to offer high performance at lower costs as compared to the present systems. It also provides key autonomous vehicles technologies that rely on LiDAR such as object identification & tracking, sensor fusion, and mapping & localization products. Its classic product, a 480-line LiDAR sensor called Titan M1, is expected to be priced at $4,000. It is dramatically lighter, smaller, and uses less power than other competitors.

Features include a range of 200+ meters, millimeter accuracy, .05 degree of angular resolution, million points per second, all-weather capability, compact size, light weight, low power consumption, and low price point.

This is an exciting time for everyone passionate about technology and autonomous vehicles. The self-driving car industry is a field where change and innovation are always just around the corner.

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