Advantages of high resolution LiDAR in Security

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2020-07-13 13:42:24

With the rapid development of the security field, the security system is more and more integrated, multi-functional, intelligent direction, the traditional single camera mode has been unable to meet the security environment for more and more complex, diversified, multi-functional requirements. The addition of LiDAR provides new solutions and new functional additions for security integrators and customers. Compared with the traditional security monitoring system, LiDAR-based security solutions not only meet the customer’s basic protection alarm function, but also meet many special requirements of customers, and come with many advantages.

In recent years, the rapid development of lidar technology from simple laser ranging technology, especially the high resolution and cost-effective LiDAR, such as Neuvition’s HD Titan family LiDAR, can see things in absolute darkness using IR laser source and a resolution close to 720p camera. This development makes the use of LiDAR in security and monitoring become reality.

First. Low light condition

LiDAR, because of the use of the actively laser pulses as light source, without the help of ambient light, so it can be used day and night without outside light requirements. This is especially useful in the low light area or the area need to be in darkness. At the same time, it is more resistant to environmental interference and can be used to reliably monitor in harsh outdoor environment.

Second, Convenient

Without relying on biological far-infrared sensing, the human body can also be detected, even if the intruder seamounts in infrared shielding clothing. It can also be used in an environment needed privacy protection such as bathroom or bedroom. It provides an accurate distinction between prohibited intrusion monitoring areas and open areas allowed for entry (reducing interference in the activities of persons in open areas). A single sensor protects large areas.

Third, Accurate

LiDAR uses a laser beam, which has much higher operating frequencies than microwaves  and has a very high resolution, It allows both moving and stationary objects to be detected. Multiple independent monitoring areas can be set up at the same time, and multiple independent outputs can be used for different monitoring purposes. When an intruder is detected, it provides accurate location, size and speed information, and combined with the video monitoring system to focus in real time.

Security LiDAR market prospects

In recent years, the transformation of manufacturing industry, intelligent robots, drones, unmanned aircraft and so on have become the focus of global investment, and is considered to be the future of technological advancement, same apply to the field of LiDAR security applications. For these smart technologies, LiDAR is the equivalent of an “eye” that, without LiDAR, can’t perceive its surroundings or react to changes in the environment. Therefore, under the rapid development of high-resolution LiDAR, such as Neuvition Titan family, it will further accelerate the deployment process.

Conclusion: LiDAR application in the field of security is still in early stage and has a promising future, but it hasn’t reach large-scale production yet. Due to the relatively high prices, the penetration rate is not very high yet. Neuvition Titan M1 and S1 family high resolution LiDAR is especially suitable for security application for its price to performance ratio. As the price come down further, the application of LiDAR in security should accelerate in the next few years and reach a large scale deployment in the next 10 years.