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Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2020-09-24 16:38:04

Neuvition High Resolution

Solid – State LiDAR
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Neuvition Viewer- Application & SDK

NeuViewer——Neuvition technology

Lidar Client Software

NeuViewer is the LiDAR sensor control, 3D point cloud data processing and point
cloud display software for Neuvition 3d solid-state Lidar. It supports multiple operating
systems, including Windows-x86_64, Linux-x86_64, Linux-aarch64, etc., and also
supports ROS integration. The user can set and modify basic parameters such as
data frame rate, laser power, laser repetition rate, display mode, display angle of view,
distance labeling, etc. On the UI, the software also supports functions such as quick
saving of single frame of point cloud, real-time recording and playback of point cloud
data stream and LiDAR camera video.

One of the best solid-state Lidar with high-resolution and camera fusion

Best 3D LiDAR sensor with long range up to 600 meters

Leading LiDAR technology for many LiDAR applications