Volume measurement affects cost accounting significantly. The traditional measurement method has high requirements on the measurement environment. In the scenarios of earthwork transportation and raw material transaction, it is time-consuming and laborious to accurately measure the volume due to irregularity of the bulk cargo materials.

Neuvition has developed two measurement methods, namely static volume measurement and dynamic volume measurement, according to different scenarios.

High Measurement Accuracy

Automated Processing

Big Data Platform

Fast Return on Investment

Bulk Truck Cargo Measurement Solution

Bulk Truck Cargo Measurement Solution

Static volume measurement means that the measurement work is done when the vehicle is stationary.

Static volume measurement

Dynamic measurement means that the vehicle to be measured passes through the scanning area at a specified driving speed, and the system completes the volume measurement once the truck passes through the gate.

Dynamic volume measurement

Neuvition LiDAR Recommended

Neuvition LiDAR Recommended

Titan P1

  • Detection distance 1-80m,accuracy: 10mm;
  • Resolution H2700
  • Field of view H135°
  • Angular resolution H0.05°
  • Refresh rate 1,2,5,10,20,40,48,80,160 Hz

Customer Case

Customer Case

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