LiDAR is an acronym for "light detection and ranging". Its working principle is the system emits a detection laser beam to the target, and then receives the return signal reflected by the target, and performs high-speed processing on ToF of laser, and obtains the real 3D point cloud scene and information: distance, speed, orientation, shape, size, attitude, etc.

The functions of Neuvition V2X Smart Road Solution include but not limited to:
  • Detection output of vehicle L*W*H, vehicle speed, etc;
  • Real-time location output, ID detection&tracking;
  • Data fusion of cameras, LiDARs, and other sensors;
  • System calibration, providing information such as longitude, latitude, direction and angle.
  • To help customers solve problems such as over-limit (length, width, height) detection, road congestion, danger ahead, overspeed, and tunnel safety.

Topological diagram


intersections CROSSROADS





Titan M1 Titan M1-R
Distance 1-200m @ 20% 1 ~ 300m @ 20%;
Resolution H1750 ;V480 H1750 ;V700
Field of View H 45°;V 25° H 15°;V 8°
Angular resolution H 0.03°;V 0.05° H 0.01°;V 0.01°

Customer case

Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway reported by CCTV news

High-speed fusion point cloud video

Smart Expressway Project

Smart Expressway Project

Smart Expressway Project

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