Neuvition Solid-state LiDAR Empowers 5G Smart Street Light

Author: Neuvition, IncRelease time:2020-09-01 16:15:37

Smart street light is one of the key applications of the Internet of Things(IoT) in smart city construction. With smart hardware including smart lighting, traffic monitoring, and weather monitoring, it contributes to the construction of the Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System (CVIS). LiDAR system is one of the smart hardware which can integrate road information into the V2X data network. This article aims to talk about Neuvition LiDAR’s application to smart street lighting.

Neuvition Titan M1 and Titan M1-R are the two models recommended for smart street light poles. Titan M1 aims to measure the length, width, and height of vehicles. Meanwhile, Titan M1-R aims to achieve long-distance coverage of 400 to 600 meters to track vehicle driving status. The system matches with the host computer and interacts with the server by wireless communication gateway. The construction sites can be highway entrances and exits, roadsides, or large crossroads. This is to provide effective information supplementation to the current blind spots of the surrounding vehicles and improve driving safety. Besides, the system is able to release the collected information through intelligent traffic stop signs and mobile apps. Thus, more traffic participants are able to obtain vehicle operation information in advance.

Advantages of Choosing Neuvition LiDARs
  • Neuvition adopts the MEMS technology and non-mechanical rotation structure. This features high reliability in harsh environments, long service life, and low cost of operation and maintenance.
  • Neuvition solid-state LiDAR with 700 vertical scanning line provides 0.01° angular resolution, ensuring effective detection at a 500m distance. As a result, this also saves costs as it requires fewer LiDARs to be deployed.
  • Neuvition solid-state LiDAR adopts 1550nm laser, which is eye-safe and has good anti-fog & dust effect, as well as good environmental adaptability.
  • Neuvition Lidar integrates a camera module. The functions of the LiDAR and the camera are complementary. Neuvition’s unique video point cloud fusion technology can improve the accuracy and reliability of data acquisition effectively.
  • Neuvition’s advanced neural network algorithm is able to accurately recognize target attributes through deep learning. Moreover, it can output information such as the type, orientation, distance, speed, movement direction, and flow of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, pedestrians, etc.
  • Neuvition advanced system software can make further warning and threat judgments based on actual road conditions, such as controlling road foreign body intrusion warnings, blind spot warnings, etc.
Landing Case Instruction

The Guangzhou-Shenzhen Riverside Expressway in China is a pioneer of smart street light construction. It has constructed 93 multi-functional poles with smart hardware such as smart lighting, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, and integrated smart applications of new technologies such as 5G, edge computing, and cloud edge terminals. Besides, the innovative 5G holographic dynamic digital road practices realize functions such as full-element road network monitoring, refining road maintenance and operation, and full- process emergency command optimization. Moreover, it provides new ideas and references for the 5G+ transportation industry, enhancing the development of high-tech industries.

It is the trend that more and more multi-functional smart poles will be implemented globally to support the construction of 5G & IoT, and create a new type of smart city comprehensive perception network system.