The traditional measurement is to establish a surface digital model for calculation mainly by measuring the coordinates of separate points on the stockpile surface with a total station or GPS. This method seriously affects the measurement efficiency and accuracy due to factors such as uneven separate points of stockpile and inability to measure partial points. Traditional measurement fails when the surface of some stockpiles cannot be measured by a standing pole due to the loose surface or other reasons.

Neuvition large stockpile volume measurement solution covers various scenarios, such as: large warehouses, large silos, etc.

All-round scanning

High Measurement Accuracy

Automated Processing

Big Data Platform

Fast Return on Investment

Large stockpile volume measurement

application covers various scenarios

Neuvition LiDAR Recommended

Neuvition LiDAR Recommended

Titan P1+PTZ

  • Detection distance 1-80m,accuracy: 10mm;
  • Resolution H2700
  • Field of view H135°
  • Angular resolution H0.05°
  • Refresh rate 1,2,5,10,20,40,48,80,160 Hz

Customer Case

Customer Case

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