Ship Safety Driving Assistance System

It is a major problem to improve the accuracy of real-time perception of obstacles in the field of ship driving.

Neuvition LiDAR real-time 3D point cloud data's recognition of other ships, bridges, and wharves around the ship is important for ship obstacle avoidance and for realizing the autonomous berthing and unberthing of unmanned ships.

Tower Crane Anticollision ADAS Solution

Tower cranes may cause casualties and property damage on the construction site. Currently, camera is mostly used for crane anti-collision. However, the camera performance in bad weather and darkness cannot accurately provide the crane position, and thus it cannot guarantee safety in crane operation.

Neuvition LiDAR-based tower crane driving assistance system can give early warning and collision avoidance. According to the distance at which obstacles or intrusions appear in the LiDAR scanning area, an alarm signal is given to warn the driver to avoid collisions timely to ensure safety during crane operating.

Airport Parking Guidance ADAS Solution

At present, the guidance of civil aircraft parking generally adopts the Visual Docking Guidance System, which can only detect and display simple position information.

Neuvition LiDAR-based airport parking guidance ADAS solution can provide real-time information such as aircraft size, taxiing speed, azimuth, and distance, etc. It can realize the functions of model matching, target tracking, precise positioning, and collision avoidance warning! The camera's video fusion function on Neuvition 3D LiDAR can process FOD and aircraft models identification.

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