Aircraft Visual Docking Guidance Solution

Assisting in semi-automatic, automatic docking to improve efficiency and safety.

Aircraft Visual Docking Guidance is to guide the aircraft to the correct docking position, to ensure that it is parked in the right place.

By using high-resolution LiDAR with built-in HD camera and processor and relying on AI deep learning and recognition algorithm, Neuvition LiDAR-based Aircraft Visual Docking Guidance Solution can realize real-time contour detection of aircraft entering the apron. Three-dimensional data is processed through neural networks to identify aircraft models, calculate aircraft taxiing speeds, and detect aircraft attitudes. The system controller will convert the processed data into accurate guidance information to be shown on display device to remind pilots and guide aircrafts safely reaching their destination.

Airport Runway Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Detection Solution

Improve flight efficiency and safety

Airport runway Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Detection is a type of inspection aimed at detecting any foreign substances, debris or objects that may cause damage to aircraft.

Foreign objects on airport runway could be easily sucked into the engine causing engine failures. The debris can also accumulate in mechanical devices and consequently affect normal operation of landing gear and wings etc. Most runway inspections at airports rely mainly on manual inspection by personnel, which requires closing the runway during inspection, resulting in low flight efficiency with poor reliability.

Neuvition LiDAR-based Airport Runway Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Detection Solution uses high-resolution LiDAR and processors to scan and monitor the runway in real-time. Once foreign objects are identified, the alarm system will be launched automatically and prompt timely handling of FOD at designated position.

Neuvition LiDAR Recommended

Neuvition LiDAR Recommended

Titan M1

  • Distance 1-200m @ 20%;Precision: ±2cm
  • Resolution H1750 ;V 480
  • Field of View H 45°;V 25°
  • Angular Resolution H 0.03°;V 0.05°
  • Frame Rate 1fps – 30fps

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