Large stockpile volume measurement

At present, the measurement of the volume of the stockpiles adopts manual measurement or weighing with belts and loadometer, which is low-automation, low-accuracy, and low-efficiency, making it difficult to meet the needs of large-scale stockpiling volume measurement.

Neuvition LiDAR-based volume measurement solution for large stockpiles makes large volume measurement low-cost, high-efficiency, high-precision.

Volume measurement of truck bulk cargo

In earthwork transportation and raw material acquisition, accurate volume measurement becomes time-consuming and laborious, but it affects cost accounting. Traditional measurement is low-accuracy, time-consuming and cost-intensive.

Neuvition LiDAR-based real-time volume measurement solution for truck bulk cargo can realize high-precision & real-time volume measurement.

Port vehicle/container inspection

It is important to inspect whether container vehicles carry items out of the checkpoint entering and exiting important ports. Traditional inspection method involves multiple repeated measurement steps, so it is low-efficiency, time-consuming and cost-intensive;

Neuvition LiDAR-based port vehicle/container inspection solution can realize real-time inspection and improve the port automation efficiency.

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